Thames & Kosmos Ultra Bionic Blaster



Have a blast with the awesome engineering project of the Ultra Bionic Blaster!

  • Construct an air powered robotic glove that launches safe foam darts. After you’ve built and tested your blaster, slide it on and strap it to your wrist. The first pull of the trigger causes the scissor arm to lift up the barrels and launch the first dart. Pull the trigger two more times to launch the next two darts. 

    Learn about physics, technology and many cool mechanisms as you assemble the blaster. A full-color, step-by-step manual guides you through assembling and using the blaster and provides fascinating scientific information about pneumatic systems and the physics of air. 

    • Ages 8+ (With Help) | 10+ (I Got This!).
    • 139 pieces.
    • 6 experiments. 
    • No batteries or motors required.

  • Thames & Kosmos was founded in 2001 by a science museum director and her son, who saw the great need and demand for better science education materials — resources for parents and their children that are more engaging, more effective, more relevant, and more fun.