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Is one of these huggable, snuggly toys your child's new best friend?

Whether they become flattened by hugs, are made to sit and watch endless performances, or are carried by the arm, plush stuffed animals are friends to children. With their adorable faces, squishable bodies, and snuggly qualities, plush stuffed animals make ideal loveys for little and big kids alike to cuddle.

Lots of children have favorite stuffed animals that "protect" them at night and are their play companions during the day. Choosing the best stuffed animal for your child takes some thought because you want them to bond with it. You want it to bring your child comfort throughout their childhood. The color and material of the stuffed animal you select are important factors. Stuffed animals should be safe for children and also be an animal or character that they love. Pick a plushie that your child will gravitate to naturally. Huggability is a bonus, too!

For children, cute plush stuffed animals may be the most universally loved and appreciated toys. Millions of stuffed animals are made each year. The benefits and skills gained through having a stuffed animal are important for emotional development. When you're a child, few things give you a sense of comfort and security as your favorite stuffed animal. We stock many popular stuffed animals that you or your child will want to add to a favorite collection. Do you want to get your child a special gift for a special occasion? Maybe you're looking for something unique to add to your child's bedroom?

We have the best stuffed animals for kids! Our selection will make shopping for your child so much fun. We carry the most popular, award winning, and unique plush stuffed animals. There's a plushie here that your child will love. Go ahead! Take a look! Find your child's new favorite cuddle buddy, at Beyond the Blackboard.