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Tonies Sleepy Friends: Classical Music with Sleepy Rabbit

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Psst, little sleepyheads, it's time for Sleepy Friends!

  • Psst, little sleepyheads, it's time for Sleepy Friends!
    The Sleepy Rabbit Tonie accompanies children gently to the land of dreams with calm classical music. Listen to the soothing sounds of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven while snuggling up in bed and falling asleep peacefully.

    This Tonie teaches kids about falling asleep, relaxing, and building a routine at nap time.

    • Ages 3+.
    • Features: 14 songs. 
    • Total Run Time: 92 minutes.<. . . Show More >
    Safety Warnings

    WARNING 1 - small parts

  • The Toniebox uses audio storytelling to introduce pre-readers and developing readers to the wonders of narrative long before children can read the words in a book. When children combine Tonies with play, they unlock the real wonder of storytelling - a mix of fascination, surprise, curiosity and a craving for exploration all stirred together. Through this, they discover powers within to create and transport themselves to worlds and wonders all on their own.