Kawaii Slime Sherbet Scented Ice Cream Pint Slime



This sherbert scented slime is every ice cream lovers dream. This slime looks so much like real ice cream, you won't believe your eyes or your nose!

  • Each slime is carefully curated to have the most accurate aroma of real ice cream to take your senses on an adventure to your favorite ice cream shop, enjoying your favorite ice cream with your loved ones.

    Each slime starts out with a cloud creme base and then is tailored to each flavor to have a slightly different texture than the next! Add on a cute ice cream scoop and some slime sprinkles to complete the party!

    • 12 ounces. 
    • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Not Edible!

  • Beginning back in 2017, Kawaii Slime believes the world of slime is fulfilling in numerous ways. Not only as a physical stress reliever and sensory fidget toy, but as an awesome way the younger generation can be exposed to the wholesome world of crafting arts.