Proof! Mental Math



The Fast Paced game of Mental Math Magic

Proof! is an award-winning, fast, fun, and addicting math game that the whole family can enjoy! Work that mental math magic as you race to find creative equations hidden among nine number cards. Keep what you find and collect the most cards to win!

  • Quick! Find an equation among the nine number cards on the table and shout the result before anyone else!

    The Proof! math game comes with 100 number cards and an instructions booklet. With numbers ranging from 0 - 100, some easier cards appear more than once and some not at all, a mix that was carefully crafted for optimal fun.

    Ages 9+

    2 - 6 players


  • This item was one of our first 350 items on our new site. We believe it is one of the top toys for kids this year! Each of these items has been carefully selected to ensure it is creative, innovative and long lasting.