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Healthy Fruit Playset



Get used to eating healthy with this sweet fruit set.

  • Includes one realistic play knife, two strawberries, one pear, one orange, one apple with removable stalks, and one slice of watermelon (all of which can be sliced with the realistic play knife), and one peel-able banana.

  • Hape Toys' Mission is Love Play Learn - 
    "Dear to [their] heart, [they] believe: 
    Love is the mutual love between child and parent, 
    Play is the experience of success or failure, 
    Learning is the natural outcome from love and play."
    We couldn't agree more!

  • Safety Warnings

    WARNING 1 - small parts

    Safety Info

    Before first use of the product, please thoroughly wash the parts made from neither wood nor paper. For toy use only. Not for use with real food or a real stove/oven.