From Mad Mattr to the classic Rubik's cube, and even a chocolate fondue kit, your kids will be over the moon to receive these gifts this holiday season! These are the best and hottest toys that we know kids want to receive this year.

It's been an exciting year for new toys. DIY, STEM, and maker toys are still big, and we love that they encourage kids to explore their creative and scientific sides.

The holiday season is in full swing and toys seem to be everywhere! Popular toys for kids make for excited list making, but which ones are worthy of the top of the list? We walk the aisles of toy fairs. We talk to experts.

After a lot of market research, Beyond the Blackboard has put together a collection of popular toys you should consider this holiday season. With our guide, it doesn't get easier to find gifts for kids this holiday season. Family games, brain teasers, pop toys, and yes, a giant avocado plush ... all items you'll find on our list. Fun new tech-based toys like jellyfish mood lights are also bound to show up on your child's wish list. If your child craves action and adventure, we have Pandemic, or Catapults & Crossbows. Check out our list of the best and most popular toys of 2023 and let us help you find the perfect gift for any child on your list. We have so many wonderful ideas for you!

These are the top toys of 2023 - and we want them all! The best news? You can't go wrong with one of these top trending toys!
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