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We never stop learning. One of the best parts about being a kid is you get to learn through tactile and active exploration. At Beyond the Blackboard, we have over ten years of experience in providing children with fun games to learn and expand their imaginations. It all started with our teacher store, where we aimed to provide educators with the best supplies for learning.

We believe that regardless of whether you have a struggling student or one with a heightened sense of curiosity, everyone should have the ability to learn through fun and games. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after educational toys for 1 year olds or a group who are a little older and wiser: we have something for everyone!


Good old fashioned fun

Who said learning had to be a slog? Sometimes, the best way to get children’s imaginations buzzing is to learn through play. We stock board games, learning toys and other fun items, such as thinking putty, all with the aim of spurring on children’s instinctively inquisitive brains. Even if you’re simply looking for a toy for your child, you will find a wide variety of toys to cater to a variety of interests and topics!

When you allow children to explore through crafts and games, you’ll discover that they can absorb a vast amount of information during hours of fun. Whether you’re after educational toys for 6 year olds or just something to keep younger infants occupied, you will find a compendium of classic and alternative games to choose from.


Traditional but unique

As the result of so many teachers and parents coming in to ask for educational toys, we’ve realized that it’s crucial to provide alternative forms of entertainment as well as traditional ones. You’ll find toys that have a nostalgic feel to them, such as Calico Critters, which are not only adorable but also reflect the traditional doll’s house style of playtime. We also sell catapults and crossbows, which have always been in the armory of childhood play. Additionally, we provide quirkier, more unusual games such as Crazy Fort, which allows you to build your own wacky fort by experimenting with structures and construction.


Keeping those brains busy

Through brainteasers and puzzles or active play, it’s so important to keep children’s brains busy. At such a young age, our kids have the most vibrant and susceptible imaginations. Providing them with educational toys to keep their minds occupied is one of the best ways to engage them with the world around them. By browsing our products online, you’ll find stimulating games that range from traditional board games to tactile games that involve breaking open compartments as part of the discovery process. You might be surprised at how a simple board game can inspire the need to learn more and delve into a new subject area.


Improving their motor skills

Many of our games are not only puzzles for the brain, but also ones that help to develop children’s fine motor skills. If you’re looking for educational toys for 4 year olds (or perhaps even younger or older) that are more inclusive to those with motor difficulties, we have you covered! Games, such as Avalanche Fruit Stand, help children hold and grip utensils as part of an interactive game, so their abilities are improved without the added pressure. We stock specialized pencil grips, too, so when you do start to practice writing, your child can begin in comfort. By improving their sensory & mindfulness through games that are designed to improve motor function, you can illustrate the world of possibility that lies ahead of them.



Get creative and get messy!

Once we get older, we can start becoming more sophisticated with the materials we use, but it’s best to leave the oil pastels and turpentine for the adults! Instead, we offer arts and crafts materials that are designed for children to get creative with – and maybe even a little messy too. With everything from bath bomb making sets to oversized dot markers, creativity doesn’t begin and end with pots of poster paint. Children can explore different ways to apply their imagination through a wide variety of media and materials.


Making science fun

If one of your aims for your child is to encourage them to explore the world of science, then we have plenty of science kit and problem-solving games to engage and excite them. While some children might have a few years to go before they pick up the National Geographic magazine before leaving the grocery store, it is still possible to forge a fascination in science and nature. We even have games that explore the topic of stem science and the world of engineering. Allowing your little ones to explore the powers of maths through small-scale building and construction could spark some curiosity into a later career. If you are after science-based educational toys for 5 year olds or younger, we have a wide variety of toys for an equally diverse range of ability and age!  


Tools for education

As well as parents, we are proud to supply educators and tutors who need learning resources and teaching supplies for their kids. As a local business that wouldn’t be able to flourish without the curious minds of those who shop with us, we understand the indispensable value of teachers in our local community. In order to make learning fun, teachers need vibrant and engaging ways of demonstrating the importance of what they are imparting to our little ones; which is where we step in! We provide everything from Mindware games to educational toys for 3 year olds and kids toys in assorted colors for everyday use. On our online store, you’ll find everything from charts to classroom decorations and even gifts and rewards for children who deserve a pat on the back. Our charts have also been designed to help children with interactive and social skills; perfect for teachers who want to use their educational tools to boost children’s confidence levels. For parents who want to say thank you to their teachers, we also supply gift cards, too!


Can I buy educational toys for infants and toddlers?

Whether it’s building blocks you’re after or letters and numbers to build early levels of numeracy and literacy, then the answer is: of course we do! We stock toys for a range of age groups, and that includes educational toys for 2 year olds and even 1 year olds. We proudly hold toys for toddlers so you can inspire them as their brains start to grow and develop. We also sell major manufacturers of toys for infants, such as Fat Brain Toys, Jelly Cat and Squishables. Once your child starts learning to read and write, we can provide you with plenty of toys that enhance and aid those skills. However, when they are just learning to crawl, the objects they play with need to be far more simple and tactile. This is why we provide soft toys and chunky wooden trains sets, as well as more complex games for those at a higher academic ability.



As a community-orientated store, we understand the need for family when it comes to fun and games. Our board games and puzzles are not just selected for the classroom, but also for the home. That’s why you’ll find family favorites such as Mad Libs and Guacamole to keep both parents and children entertained. We have crafted our service based on the families we meet day-in and day-out, so if you’re looking for something to keep your children entertained, just give us a call or drop in and see us!  


Birthday parties and celebration

Remember, too, that interactive games can be used for a multitude of occasions. Our board games and activities are ideal for birthday parties and celebrations. In fact, we even have a collection of gifts that we’ve already wrapped up for you, ready to go – so it doesn’t matter if you completely forgot that birthday party was happening! We’ve hand-selected our toys that make for the perfect last-minute present. Who wouldn’t be happy with a Stunt Plane Stomp Rocket or a DIY science slime kit? Education is a gift in its own right, and so we have an endless variety of gifts and presents that provide purpose as well as entertainment.

We have spent over twenty years sourcing and selling interactive and educational toys to those within our local community. Our two founding sisters Jacqueline Killian and Jean Boylan wanted to see local educators have a wealth of resources at its fingertips. We understand that education doesn’t just begin and end in the classroom. In order to keep our children’s minds busy and engaged, we must allow our children to explore, learn and create at their own pace. Toys should also function as a way to improve motor skills and social confidence. By boosting a child’s belief in their own abilities, you will watch them flourish throughout their educational life!