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Avocado Squishable

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Perfect for hugs and cuddles, this cute pillow is ideal for those who love avocados or those who just cannot get over its cute little face. Use them as decoration, keep them on your bed, or decorate your couches! The super soft and very cuddly avocado deserves a place in your home and in your heart.

This Avocado Squishable is perfect for kids aged three and up and is made of entirely new polyester fiber. Designed to be soft, cute, and a great friend for all, the Comfort Food Avocado plush toy is a great addition to any household.

  • Features and Benefits:

    • All new polyester fiber
    • Ages 3 and up only!
    • Meet the Designer: Katie Z. is a freelance illustrator based in Middleton, WI. When she's not doing artwork, Katie enjoys baking and riding her motorcycle.
  • Avocados are extra! They are extra-satisfying when spread on a piece of toast! They make an extra-yummy dip for your chips! It's also extra-easy to tell when they're ripe! This particular avocado has extra-extra! Extra cuddles compared to your average avocado ... and extra-avocadoness compared to your average giant plush!