Mindware Dig It Up! Giant Truck Discovery


Unearth your own construction site complete with trucking equipment, construction workers and essential safety signs!

  • Find concrete evidence of groundbreaking gear that is used to build everything from single story homes to looming skyscrapers. Reference the included guidebook while excavating to identify your finds and learn interesting facts about each discovery.

    Once the pieces have been dug out, the playmat becomes a fun background for your new construction toys! Just soak your dig project in a bowl or sink, chip away with your tools and discover. This kit comes with a whole set of excavation tools for hammering, digging and brushing!

    • Ages 4+.
    • Includes: a treasure filled construction truck, a mini truck dig, 7 treasures, 2 chiseling tools, 1 hammer, 1 excavation brush, 1 sponge, a playmat and a guidebook/excavation journal.

    • With a vision to make the world smarter through playful learning, how could we not love MindWare? Their brainy (and fun!) toys and games have won awards from Mensa Select, Good Housekeeping, Parents’ Choice, and Germany’s Spiel des Jahres.