Gecko Blocks



For the kids that love building blocks comes Gecko Blocks. These fun, new construction toys are made of non-toxic foam that magically stick to one another in ways that old wooden blocks just simply cannot do. Thrill your toddlers and young children with Gecko Blocks, and let them build from their imagination.

Ideal for kids 18 months and older, these building block toys are here to reinvent fun. The secret behind the Gecko Blocks building set magical sticking abilities is that they are coated in a unique and completely non-toxic silicone adhesive. This is what gives them the ability to stick to each other and to flat objects! As they are made of foam, they stay lightweight and easy to build, store and bring with you.

Perfect for girls and boys, the blocks building set is a great choice for adventurous youngsters. They will stick to each other, on glass, and will even cling to the side of a shower to make bath time fun. Safe and non-messy, these Gecko Blocks are the perfect toy for creation. Your child will be introduced to science, improve their fine motor skills, and have a blast as they create shape after shape with Gecko Blocks.

  • Features and Benefits:

    • Stick to windows and other glass
    • Great travel toy
    • Ages 18 months+
  • This item was one of our first 350 items on our new site. We believe it is one of the top toys for kids this year! Each of these items has been carefully selected to ensure it is creative, innovative and long lasting.