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Ghost Xtreme Brainteaser Puzzle



For serious puzzlers only! With double the sides of the original Ghost Cube, the twelve-sided Ghost Xtreme is a morphing puzzle that will challenge you unlike ever before.

  • Without varied colors or standard-shaped pieces, the only guide you have is your own skill. Next-level puzzling at its best!

    • ages 9+

  • Project Genius is focused on curation of quality puzzles, timeless design, modern sophistication and most importantly on the opportunity for each of us to discover our capabilities for ourselves.  Like most of you, Project Genius enjoys the challenge of solving a clever puzzle, but they don’t want to play with a toy anymore, they want to surround themselves with artifacts that inspire their senses and stimulate their curiosity. By designing their puzzles with the utmost attention to every detail in mind, they have curated a line of timeless brainteasers that you would be just as happy to display as you would be to play.

  • Safety Warnings

    WARNING 1 - small parts