My Coffee Machine

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Sitting back to relax with a cup of coffee is not just for adults, and with all you need to make a great cup of coffee, children will love the adjustable My Coffee Machine.

  • This play set was inspired by modern kitchen aesthetics and made from high-quality wood. The realistic details and features will inspire play and fire children's imaginations. It includes special features such as an adjustable switch and an on/off button that adds to the product’s realism.

    • ages 2+
    • includes: coffee machine, coffee pod, sugar jar and spoon, milk package and coffee mug.
    • WARNING: the tableware is not intended to contact real food, please do not fill or contact real food. 

  • Hape Toys' Mission is Love Play Learn -
    "Dear to [their] heart, [they] believe:
    Love is the mutual love between child and parent,
    Play is the experience of success or failure,
    Learning is the natural outcome from love and play."

    We couldn't agree more!