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Fat Brain Heap-O-Sheep Game - Board Games for Kids

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How well can you operate a sheep-apult? Forget sheep herding and discover the thrill of sheep launching with the fast and fun game of Heap-O-Sheep.

  • Taking turns, players use their springboard to launch their sheep onto the hook and loop paddock. Each sheep is covered with hook and loop fabric. Plan your approach, aim with accuracy, and land them, stick them, and pile them up! The first to get all of their sheep to stay in the field wins the game! 

    • Ages 5+.
    • 2 to 4 players.

  • Not just any toy can be a “Fat Brain Toy” and they like it that way. Fat Brain doesn’t sell the licensed, violent, disposable toys being sold at most major retailers. What you will find instead is a curated collection of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that both entertain AND educate.