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LEGO Duplo: Barn, Tractor, & Farm Animal Care

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Lego Duplo: Town Barn, Tractor and Farm Animal Care is a fun-packed farm filled with playful learning for preschoolers.

  • It’s an ideal developmental toy for toddlers who love animals or tractors. There are farm buildings and a tractor, plus a pig, sheep, horse, dog, hen, rooster and cows to care for. As toddlers role-play the different farm activities, they build fine motor skills and develop social and emotional awareness. At the end of the day, it’s time to settle the animals into bed – until the fun starts again tomorrow!

    Hands-on educational toys for toddlers, Lego Duplo toys put open-ended fun, self-expression and joyful learning into preschoolers’ hands. With Duplo play sets, parents and young children can share precious developmental milestones as they play together.

    • ages 2+

  • Lego comes from the Danish word “leg godt” meaning “play well”. These simple, ageless building blocks help develop spatial reasoning skills. Each set comes with instructions for building specific designs, but when that is done you can bring to life fragments of your imagination and build whatever you can imagine!