LEGO Tony Stark's Sakaarian Iron Man - Marvel What If…?

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Take Marvel fans to a new dimension of build-and-play, imaginative adventure with Lego Marvel Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man.

  • This landmark Lego Marvel set lets kids recreate scenes from the animated Marvel Studios’ What If...? series on Disney+ and explore new stories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    This exciting expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe features 3 minifigures – Tony Stark, Valkyrie and The Watcher – and a buildable mech that can also be rebuilt into a powerful-looking car. Kids can place the Tony Stark minifigure into the Sakaarian Iron Man mech. This mechanical giant is highly movable, allowing kids to twist and turn the mech as it advances into Super Hero action. When there’s a need for speed, kids rebuild the mighty mech into a power-packed vehicle and race off for more amazing adventures. The movable mech stands over 5" (15 cm) tall and rebuilds into a Tony Stark-style race car.

    • ages 8+

  • Lego comes from the Danish word “leg godt” meaning “play well”. These simple, ageless building blocks help develop spatial reasoning skills. Each set comes with instructions for building specific designs, but when that is done you can bring to life fragments of your imagination and build whatever you can imagine!