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Monkey Yoee Baby

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Babies love it when you gently caress their head, face, belly, arms, hands, legs, and feet. The crinkle fabrics and rattle inside of a Yoee are another fun way to engage baby’s senses. The teether attached to the base of the toy can be a relief for sore gums. You can also use Yoee baby as a prop to talk to your baby, tell stories and spark language development. There’s no right or wrong way to use your Yoee as long as you and baby are having fun.

  • Features and Benefits:

    1. Prepare a Play Zone.

    Make sure your play space is comfortable. We recommend laying baby on a soft blanket or mat on the ground.

     2. Stimulate, Soothe and Caress. 

    Lightly caress baby’s belly, arms and legs, fingers and toes, cheeks and face, to introduce baby to new textures and sensations while promoting awareness of body parts. Baby may find these interactions calming and soothing or they may become more alert as they track the toy and delight in a new sensory experience. 

    3. Engage the Senses. 

    Crinkle fabrics and a gentle rattle inside will engage baby’s senses as you play. Gently shake the Yoee Baby or squeeze the body or ears for more sound.

    4. Make Playtime Talk Time.

    Narrate what you are doing during playtime. Describe the Yoee character. Tell baby a story.

    5. Hand it Over. 

    When ready, encourage baby to hold, touch, grasp, explore and interact with Yoee Baby all on their own. The shape of Yoee Baby allows babies to snuggle and grasp from teether to tail. 

    6. Share! 

    Yoee Baby is the perfect tool for big brothers and sisters to interact with their new baby. Older siblings love to play with Yoee Baby too, making it fun for the whole family. There is no right or wrong way to use a Yoee Baby as long as caregiver and baby are interacting, connecting and having fun.

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