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Swim with Sea Turtles 100 Piece Puzzle

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Life is good in this cozy cove off the Galapagos Islands!

  • The water is teeming with darting tropical fish finding tasty treats among the colorful coral reef. A bale of Galapagos green sea turtles glide through the crystal clear waters. Did you know these turtles live an average of 70 years and that they can stay underwater for over 2 hours while resting?

    Like all sea turtles, Galapagos sea turtles do not have teeth. They have very strong jaws, and a slightly hooked beak. With their broad flippers and streamlined bodies, they can travel nearly 35 miles per hour! Galapagos sea turtles may look like they’re crying, but they’re actually just ridding their bodies of excess salt. When they have too much salt in their system, they shed what look like big salt water tears.

    Puzzles help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving through repeated practice while delivering a sea full of fun! This 100 piece puzzle is perfect for budding marine biologists and has extra-large, durable pieces little hands can easily hold on to for lots of repeat fun.

    • ages 6+

  • Since 1891 Ravensburger has been making the finest puzzles in Ravensburg, Germany. Extra-thick cardboard pieces mean your puzzle will last for years and the fine, linen-structured paper eliminates glare so you can really see the details. Ravensburger also creates high quality games, crafts, science kits, and more as well as their iconic puzzles.