13 Best Art Kits Kids Play Experts

The 13 Best Art Kits for Kids, According to Our Play Experts

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

November 24, 2022 2 min read

Maybe your child shows signs of being the next Koons, or maybe they simply enjoy art. Either way, there are myriad benefits to art! Art helps kids develop creativity and also promotes cognitive function.

The best art kits for kids should be simple for your child to use on their own or with not too much input from grown-ups, and are developmentally appropriate. You also want your child to be able to express themselves artistically!

Based on our team's picks, feedback from BtB families, and our toy industry expertise, here are the best art kits for kids this year.

1. A Squeegee Art Kit, to drip, slide, and create a modern masterpiece.

Squeegee Art Kit

2. A Hand Molding and Casting Kit, so they can cast and mold their favorite hand gestures and express themselves. Peace and love, okay?!

hand molding and casting kit

3. An Over the Rainbow Craft Kit, to exercise their imagination. 

Kid Made Modern Over the Rainbow Craft Kit best art kits for kids

4. A Mini Clay World Candy Cart kit, for crafters with a sweet tooth! Dazzling candy-colored clay and puffs of pastel cotton let you create all kinds of unique confectionery including sour gummies, rainbow ribbon candy, tie-dye jawbreakers, swizzle sticks, clouds of cotton candy, and more.

Mini Clay World Candy Cart

5. A Rainbow Loom Mega Combo, for any kid on your list who wants to create and share unique bracelets! Will you wish you had one for yourself? Yes.

Rainbow Loom Mega Combo best craft kit for kids

6. A Loopdedoo Deluxe, to make it fun and easy to make friendship bracelets in just a few minutes.

Loopdedoo Deluxe best craft kit for kids

7. A Store & Go Easel, to blow any junior artist's mind and give them an excuse to bring art with them everywhere.

Store and Go Easel best art kits for kids

8. A Spirograph Mandala,with 5-star reviews, that's a total throwback with a twist. Now, be sure to let your child have a turn with it.

Spirograph Mandala

9. A Moth Paint by Number, featuring bright and bold paint, perfect for kiddos ready to create beautiful paintings.

moth paint by number best art kits for kids

10. A set of Double Fine Felt Markers, perfect for little ladies and dudes who are dying to experiment with color and texture in their art. Reviewers say these are not only great for kids, but for adults, too.

Seeing Double Fine Felt Markers

11. A Pom Pom Puppies Collage kit, because it'll have your preschooler or kindie (and the rest of the fam) beaming with pride.

Pom Pom Puppies Collage

12. A Paint with Water kit, where the painting is only part of the fun. It's also a sweet opportunity to create art again and again. 

DJECO paint with water

13. A self-care kit that will turn bath time into spa time, and have the whole fam asking your child to make them a bath bomb.

bath bomb scented bakery

For more toy and gift ideas for different age groups, check out our most recent blog posts.

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