Play Monster Spirograph Mandala Maker - Art Kits for Kids



Mandala designs have been a popular trend in art for quite some time and now, Spirograph is joining in on the fun!

  • The Spirograph Mandala Maker picks up on the popular trend of Mandala and appeals to the older crafting artist! A great way to inspire tweens, teens, and adults to reconnect with Spirograph fun!

    With this art kit for kids, artists can create beautiful large-scale Spirograph artwork using the interchangeable Mandala wheel. Color in and add to the Mandala art as you want! 

    • Ages 8+.

  • Play Monster creates games that focus on fun, perception, and challenge for players of all ages and skill levels, while offering unlimited replay value. They have earned over 100 best game awards from organizations such as MENSA, Teachers’ Choice, Parents Magazine, Parents’ Choice, ASTRA and more!