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Top 22 Toys of 2022 - For Kids Ages 6 and Up

Best 22 Toys of 2022 (for Kids Ages 6 and Up)

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

November 17, 2022 6 min read

These toys have been chosen by our educators and play experts as the top toys of the year for kids ages 6 and up. We never want our customers aimlessly wandering around our 2 beautiful Colorado toy stores, or our website, having to depend only on their best guess. (Although, it is hard to go wrong with anything from our curated collections of the top toys of 2022!) Using feedback from our customer families, our experience in education, and plenty of real toy testing by Team BtB, we've put together this amazing list of the best toys of 2022 for kids ages 6 and older. It is our hope that you find this blog post useful in informing your holiday shopping, or any special shopping you may have come up! Merry Christmas ... Happy Holidays ... Happy Hanukkah ... Happy Kwanzaa ... Happy Birthday! Your kiddo is going to love their gift.

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Bubble Bar Power!

Klutz Bath Bomb Scented Bakery Kit Klutz Bath Bomb Scented Bakery Kit ($22.99 at the time of writing)

It's a spa day for your sweet tooth with this bath kit. So much fun, with a bakery twist. With this kit for ages 6 and up, you can craft awesome bath bombs. You can even sculpt the small details!

For Traditional Bouncing

Grom Pogo Stick red Grom Pogo Stick ($59.99 at the time of writing)

Our Grom Pogo Stick combines the classic activity of yesteryear with new school style (and better functionality, too). For young pogo jumpers everywhere! As it's rated for 40 to 90 pounds, we love the pogo stick as a gift for ages 6 to 9 years old. Hop to it!

A Fun Game with a Friend

Whacky Racket best toys of 2022 Whacky Racket ($24.99 at the time of writing)

The Boing Balls light up when you hit them. Need we say more?

Pull 'Em Back and Let 'Er Rip

Spinz Pull Back Race Car Two Pack Spinz Pull-Back Race Car with Flying Disc ($22.99 at the time of writing)

Pull back the race car and watch it speed across the floor. When the cars crash into each other, they release a whirling propeller that can launch up to 20 feet in the air. A delightful gift for kids up to 10 years of age.

Grow Crystal Rainbow Trees

Klutz Magical Unicorn Science Kit Klutz Magical Unicorn Science Kit for Kids ($19.99 at the time of writing)

Instant jelly flowers? Unicorn food? A color-changing waterfall! All while exploring chemistry and non-Newtonian fluids. This kit contains 7 STEM experiments and activities, amazing for ages 6 and up.

For Your Next Game Night

The Magical World of Disney Trivia Game The Magical World of Disney Trivia Game ($39.99 at the time of writing)

Even the youngest fans can get in on the fun, with special cards just for kids. This collectible game is packaged in a beautiful box and board, featuring original Disney and Pixar sketch art. Every Disney fan will love this game. 

Discover a New Art Technique

squeegee art for kids Squeegee Art for Kids ($29.99 at the time of writing)

There is no wrong way to squeegee. With this kit, kids can discover a new, easy technique, and open up a world of artistic possibilities! 

The Wonders of Simple Engineering

Trestle Tracks Deluxe Set Trestle Tracks Deluxe Set ($39.99 at the time of writing)

Each set is made up of hollow stacking cubes and different pieces of flat track. The track creates an invisible slope that propels the marbles forward. This is an awesome gift for ages 8 and up!

100% Fun

Zig and Go  Zig & Go ($34.99 to $64.99 at the time of writing)

With each Zig and Go kit, you can build a different layout or track, start with an action, and watch the reaction. It's a gorgeous STEAM building toy that teaches cause and effect, action and reaction, potential energy, momentum, and early physics - all through play, of course. Science, check. Art, check. Fun, check! Combine Zig and Go sets for a truly awesome experience.

Match the Shape

Shashibo Battle Shapes Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game ($49.99 at the time of writing)

This super fun puzzle game is a battle of brains to see who can create the most Shashibo shapes! With both single and multiplayer "modes", there are also games for easy, moderate, and difficult shapes. This is an excellent game for ages 8 and up.

Robotics for Kids

Charlie the Astronaut Charlie the Astronaut ($69.99 at the time of writing)

Discover the secrets of the universe, the solar system, and spacecraft with Charlie the Astronaut! This Xtrem Bot walks and responds to gesture controls. You can also program and control Charlie with an app for your smart device!

Quickly Create Bracelets

Loopdedoo Bracelet Spinning Loom Deluxe Edition Loopdedoo Bracelet Spinning Loom Deluxe Edition ($39.99 at the time of writing)

With this kit, there are no patterns to follow, so you get to decide how the bracelet will look! Change the looping styles, patterns, thickness, and colors to create bracelets that are perfectly unique. A fabulous gift for ages 8 and up.

STEM Kits for Kids

Creatto  Thames & Kosmos Creatto ($9.99 to $32.99 at the time of writing)

With Creatto pieces, and a string of LED lights, you can build so many creatures and designs. Creatto is a simple yet versatile building system made of flexible yet durable plastic tiles that interlock into practically endless 3D creations. No additional materials or hardware required! A great STEM kit for ages 8 and up. Tap the Luminous Lion kit to see our current collection.

Ready, Aim, Science!

Catapults and Crossbows Catapults & Crossbows ($27.99 at the time of writing)

It's time to get medieval on physics! With our Catapults & Crossbows kit, you can build ten different updated models of catapults and crossbows. These classic siege weapons from the Dark Ages are also great for teaching lessons in projectiles, force, energy, and motion. Incredible fun for ages 8 and up.

A Trivia Game for the Generations

Mind the Gap Mind the Gap ($36.99 at the time of writing)

Tired of not having a trivia game you can play with your grandparents as well as your teenagers? Mind the Gap revolves around players of all ages working together to answer trivia questions. The Challenge Spaces make it extra fun (you'll have to dance a dance from a certain era, act out a famous scene, or sing a well-known song). Laugh-inducing family time for ages 10 and up.

Test Your Deduction Skills

Diamond Quest Diamond Quest ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Choose a challenge. The challenge will give you hints about the position of some jewels. Use the hints to find the location of all the jewels and discover where the red diamond is hidden! The location of the jewels can always be deducted using logic, and there is only one possible solution. Play solo or challenge your family and friends!

Learn About Physics

Ultra Bionic Blaster Thames & Kosmos Ultra Bionic Blaster ($39.99 at the time of writing)

Learn about cool mechanisms and technology as you assemble your blaster. The manual features scientific information about pneumatic systems and the physics of air. After you build your blaster, affix it to your wrist. Pull the trigger to launch the darts!

Fidget with Them

Speks Speks ($24.99 to $34.99 at the time of writing)

We like to think of Speks as magnetic putty. Speks are stress ball and adult building toys, all in one. Mash them around for satisfying stress relief, or build something with them to unleash creativity. Speks are intended for ages 14 and up. Tap the Cherry Pop Speks to see our current collection!

Magic Wand

Wandini Wandini ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Wandini changes color, in 8 different light modes. With the invisible string and leather strap with finger loop, anyone can perform dazzling and mesmerizing light shows with Wandini. Everyone will wonder, is that magic?

Helps Keep You Organized

 paper bowls kit Paper Bowls Kit ($21.99 at the time of writing)

Using the provided colorfully patterned paper, glue the circles together using the provided bowl molds. Let your creations dry, then set them out.

Museum Quality Luminary

jellyfish mood light Jellyfish Mood Light ($99.99 at the time of writing)

This light features tranquil, moving jellyfish the glow with the gentle light of LED. This sensory piece helps promote mindfulness and relaxation at home, in the office, or in a dorm room. It's the perfect combo of a fish tank and a lava lamp, and an ideal gift for college students and teens. 


cosmic halo wireless drone Cosmic Halo Wireless Drone ($34.99 at the time of writing)

The Cosmic Halo Wireless Drone is a hand-controlled drone that models intelligent flight! Practice different throwing angles and speeds to create lines of flight and even boomerang effects.

Don't forget to check out Beyond the Blackboard's other blog posts, to find the perfect gift for every special child on your list. 

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