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Top 22 Toys of 2022 for Kids Ages 6 and Under

Top 22 Toys of 2022 (for Kids Ages 6 and Under)

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

November 14, 2022 6 min read

Young children quickly develop strong opinions about their likes and dislikes. They enjoy cooked asparagus but turn up their noses at steamed baby carrots. They love salmon but tuna might as well be beets (the most collectively despised food in the world, according to The New York Times).

Those examples relate to food, of course, but the same is true when it comes to toys and gifts for little kids. When it comes to buying for children age 6 and under, it might seem easiest to stick with what you know they will like and play with. However, this is a wonderful age to bring new types of toys, games, and activities into your child's life! You never know ... your little one who loves farm animals might just love a switch to some safari friends. Your toddler who enjoys stacking might like to try KaBlocks, for a twist! Likewise, your preschooler who loves knocking things down might want to try their hand at some stomp racers. 

So much is happening developmentally from infancy to age 6, so be sure you're keeping a close eye on your child to see if they need a more challenging toy or to be introduced to a new potential interest! At all of these little kid stages, what children need most of all are toys that encourage open-ended play, imagination, and getting out all those wiggles.

We assembled our Top Toys of 2022 (for Kids Ages 6 and Under) combining recommendations from other specialty toy retailers, and our team of educators, parents and grandparents, cool aunts and uncles, and play experts! If you're looking for even more gift ideas for kids ages 6 and under, check out our blog archive, as well as our Stocking Stuffers collection. And if you still need some personalized gift recommendations for your family, please reach out to us. We'd love to help you shop!

Under $30

Topanifarm Nest and Stack Blocks Topanifarm Nest and Stack Blocks and Animals ($24.99 at the time of writing)

"I purchased this for my grandson's preschool teacher and the kids just love it! It was the perfect gift!" - Lou A.

More Ways to Play

Seek-a-Boo Seek-a-Boo ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Seek-a-Boo is an engaging way to build your child's vocabulary and improve memory skills through matching and repetition. The included, interactive parent guide gives instructions for other ways to play, creating more challenges or an easier game for older or younger children, and for playing with multiple kiddos. 

Magnetic Discovery

SmartMax Safari Animals SmartMax My First Safari Animals ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Your 1-5 year-old will love that SmartMax magnetic pieces are just the right size for little hands (not too small, and not too big). The strong and safe magnets also make assembling safari animals and new creations simple! This set can be combined with other SmartMax sets to set imaginations free through practically endless mix-and-match options. 

Over the Rainbow

Rainbow Wobble Board Rainbow Wobble Board ($159.99 at the time of writing)

One side of this original wobble board is a colorful rainbow, and the other side is natural wood. It's the best of both worlds! Wobble boards are perfect for open-ended play and even a cheerful and colorful addition to eventual homework or writing practice.

An Introductory Building Set

Tegu Tints Magnetic Wooden Blocks Tegu Tints Magnetic Wooden Blocks 14 Piece Set ($39.99 at the time of writing)

Tegu blocks are built to foster curiosity. By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu are amazing for both kids and kids at heart! Push imaginations in ways you never thought possible. Tegu toys are built for years of open-ended fun.

Brilliant Aerodynamics

Rocket Ball Air Stacker Rocket Ball Air Stacker ($39.99 at the time of writing)

Put the ball in the tower base, turn on the base, and stack the tubes. The ball will fly through the tubes until it reaches the top! When you put the lid on top, the ball will sink back to the bottom. This toy will entertain your little one for hours. This toy teaches simple aerodynamics and basic physics!

Inspired by Current Trends

Sweet Cocoon Stacking Stones Sweet Cocoon Stacking Stones ($37.99 at the time of writing)

This set features soft colors, inspired by current trends to support your child's first steps into learning! These super lightweight stackable wooden stones introduce your child to balance and construction.

Cute Little Dogs

Pom Pom Puppies Pom Pom Puppies Collage ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Create 3 adorable pom pom puppies with this great kit for ages 3 to 6 years old.

Tech-Free Constructive Play

constellation Airfort Airfort ($64.99 at the time of writing)

Practically no assembly required. Airfort inflates in less than 30 seconds, sets up and cleans up in no time, and helps bring out your child's ever-growing imagination.

Kid-Friendly Power Drill (Yes, Really)

Design and Drill Brightworks Design & Drill: Brightworks ($49.99 at the time of writing)

Insert one of the translucent bolts and use the real, working power drill to drill it in, and watch your creation glow from within! Play music, clap, or sing, and your Brightworks design will 'dance' along to the sound. This is one of our favorite gifts for ages 3 through 6 years old!

Liquid Activated

glo pals Glo Pals ($9.99 per set at the time of writing)

Glo Pals are liquid activated so they won't start to glow until bath time starts. Even better, their glow will fade once you remove them from the tub! Glo Pals are magical bath time fun that's completely safe.

Spark a Curiosity for STEM

DinoWorld XL MagnaTiles Magnatiles Dino World XL 50 Piece Magnetic Building Set ($129.99 at the time of writing)

Something tropic-cool is here! This XL Dino World set is larger than life with extra-large tropical themed tiles and 6 dinosaur figures. Perfect for ages 3 and up.

Have Monstrous Fun

Feed the Woozle Feed the Woozle ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Roll the dice and feed the Woozle the correct number of silly snacks. Try to feed the Woozle before all the snacks fall off your spoon! Play this cooperative game to work together as a family. We love this game for any age, but it's especially delightful for ages 3 and up.

Ready, Set, Go!

Quadrilla Marble Run Bucket Set Quadrilla Stack and Track Bucket Set ($99.99 at the time of writing)

Build the track, then send the marbles rolling through all the twists, turns, holes, and ramps. Even the bucket is part of the track! A fantastic gift for ages 4 and up.

One of Our Most Exciting Products!

KaBlocks Blast KaBlocks Blast ($44.99 at the time of writing)

"I bought this toy for my toddler nephew; he loves making the blocks 'blast'! His older brother has fun building things for him to blast, too." - Katie M.

Start Learning Ukulele Today!

Amahi Dinosaur Ukulele Amahi Dinosaur Ukulele ($59.99 at the time of writing)

These real ukuleles were designed to offer a fun ukulele playing experience for anyone and everyone in playing!

Great for Year Round Fun

Stomp Racers StompRockets Stomp Racers ($39.99 at the time of writing)

Play inside or take the Stomp Racers to the park or on vacation. You'll be amazed when both kids and adults want to play! Experiment with force and speed while getting kids interested in STEM. These toy car launchers are perfect STEM toys for the whole family that will get everyone up and moving. This is an awesome gift for ages 5 and up.

Find Joy

Zippee activity toy for ages 18 months and up Zippee Activity Toy ($24.99 at the time of writing)

Little fingers can't say no to Zippee's textured and flexible cords and grips. Babies and toddlers have so much fun pulling Zippee's cords this way and that way, and hearing and feeling the different sounds and vibrations. We love Zippee for ages 18 months and up!

Encourage Teamwork

Share and Sparkle Unicorns cooperative game Share and Sparkle Unicorns Cooperative Game ($21.99 at the time of writing)

This cooperative game encourages teamwork as players race to fill the unicorns' crowns with shiny gems before the troll steals away with all the sparkly jewels. Color matching, strategy, and more are learned in this super fun game that has been recognized by Mensa Select, Good Housekeeping, and Parents' Choice.

Ultimate Bounce

Rody Ride-On best toys for toddlers this year Rody Horse ($69.99 to $74.99 at the time of writing)

Harkening back to the golden years of the 80s (golden for many parents, anyway!), Rody Horse has now been beloved by multiple generations. Rody Horse is amazing for open-ended play, while giving littles plenty of chances to develop their motor skills. Bouncing builds leg muscles, and holding on to Rody's ears helps develop a good, strong grip! As your little rider adjusts and balances, they're also building core muscles.

Enrich Their Imagination

DJECO mess-free finger painting top toys of this year DJECO Petite Barbouille Mess-Free Finger Painting ($28.99 at the time of writing)

Open the plastic sleeves, add your desired paint colors, and seal up the plastic sleeves. Now, for the fun part! "Paint" without getting hands dirty and color in a creature, like magic! With a little bit of soap and water, the sleeves rinse clean, and the excitement begins again. 

The Most Awarded Childhood Game Ever

Story Time Chess box sitting on a red display in Beyond the Blackboard Southlands Story Time Chess ($49.99 at the time of writing)

Story Time Chess introduces children as young as 3 to the game of chess. Story Time Chess uses engaging stories, fun illustrations, creative chess pieces, and a Story Time Chess exclusive chess board to teach children chess in an easy and silly way. And the best part? No chess experience is required on the part of grown-ups (you can learn, too)!

At Beyond the Blackboard, our team loves curating gifts that are thoughtful, high-quality, and that encourage development. Contact us for even more, personalized gift recommendations.

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