The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post;

The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post - Jellycat Stuffed Animals Winter 2023

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

January 23, 2023 4 min read

This page was updated on January 23, 2023. Bookmark this blog post and check back regularly for jubilant Jellycat updates!

Some of our Team BtB favorite plushies by far are Jellycat. Beyond the Blackboard friends and families agree that Jellycat stuffed animals are simply the best. From their incredible quality to their unmatched softness, there's really something about them.

Jellycat Care

According to Jellycat themselves, most Jellycat soft toys should not be machine washed. Jellycat recommends that their toys be gently spot cleaned with soap and rinsed with cool water. The fur can then be dried with a hair dryer on a low setting. Some Jellycat plush can be machine washed on cold, so check the label of your favorite Jellycat! 

Are All Jellycat Safe for Newborns?

While most Jellycat soft toys are suitable from birth, not all Jellycat are recommended for infants. A selection of Jellycat are suitable from 12 months (such as the Fuddlewuddle line), and Large size Jellycat should never be left in a crib! Always check the label of your Jellycat, or feel free to ask a friendly member of Team BtB. 

All that being said, it's time to chat about Jellycat at Beyond the Blackboard! New Jellycat, favorite Jellycat friends, and Jellycat stuffed animals not to be missed before they're gone.

At the beginning of the year, we order brand new Jellycat from their annual launch. Of course, springtime brings Jellycat bunnies (which you can personalize)! Team BtB always looks forward to summertime Jellycat shipments, and there are even seasonal Jellycat designs.

Here are a few of our newest favorites:


Jellycat Bashful Hot Pink Bunny Jellycat Bashful Hot Pink Bunny

Bashful Hot Pink Bunny brings some welcome tropical vibes to snowy Colorado, with terrific, dragonfruit pink fur! This perfect, pawed cutie is pretty groovy, and loves bopping along to electro-hop tunes! Our newest Jellycat bun loves spending the day in a sunshiney garden, followed by a carrot juice and dandelion green smoothie.

Personalize your bunny with custom embroidery for just $10!

Jellycat Fun-Guy Bertie Jellycat Fun-Guy Bertie

You're sure to have some affable ambles with Fun-Guy Bertie! Fun-Guy Bertie is so very circular, like a wee oatmeal-hued squash. This Jellycat fungi wears a bold, cushy cap in vibrant turquoise fur with stitched spots! Scrambling about in a satin bow, this mellow mushroom has earned a rest. Put up those pointy feet and take a seat under a tree!

Jellycat Fossilly Triceratops Jellycat Fossilly Triceratops

It's easy to tell when Fossilly Triceratops is heading your way - the ground starts to shake and shift! Our cuddly dinosaur pal has soft, foresty fur, a trio of squishy snoot spikes, and a fine, frill. Oh! And of course, it has a lovely tail, too.

Jellycat Crowning Croaker Green Frog Jellycat Crowning Croaker Green Frog

Looking cool in the pool! Crowning Croaker Green Frog is absolute royalty. Jellycat's Crowning Croaker Green Frog rules the pond, with lily pad green fur, the tumbliest tum-tum, and heart-shaped feet. This stuffed animal frog has bright eyes and a splendidly soft, gold crown.

Jellycat Crowning Croaker Frog is also available in pink!

Here are some current Jellycat that are hot sellers this season!

Jellycat Small Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny Jellycat Small Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny

Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny is a cottagecore cutie with delightful, soft berry fur. Affectionate and darling, our Jellycat Tulip Bunny has floral-print ears and a matching, cuddly heart. Say "I love you", or "I know you're obsessed with Jellycat bunnies" with this lovely plush friend.

Jellycat Small Blossom Heart Bunny comes in a beautiful blush color, as well!

Jellycat Amuseable Cozy Avocado Fuchsia Jellycat Amuseable Fuchsia Cozi Avocado

Our plush avocado is all ready to go frolicking through the Denver snow, ready for Colorful Colorado adventures! This Jellycat plush shows off a fuchsia knit hat, perfectly complementing its soft fur. In avocado green with soft rind, a suede pit, and corduroy feet this avo is having a grand ol' time!

Jellycat Amuseable Cozi Avocado is also available with mustard and teal hats!

Jellycat Forestree Pine Jellycat Forestree Pine

A most effervescent evergreen! Forestree Pine is one cute conifer! With a chonky corduroy trunk, sweet root feet, and bitty branch arms, this Jellycat plush is effortlessly snuggly. But the icing on the cake is that stupendous swirl of fantastically fluffy green! 

Jellycat Cluny Cockerel Jellycat Cluny Cockerel

Proud and pudgy, Jellycat Cluny Cockerel is just like a plump pineapple! This Jellycat plush has a beautiful brown tum, mustard bib and wings, and sunshine suede claws. To say nothing of that that great red wattle and comb, beautiful scarlet eye mask, and evergreen tail! A fabulous fowl!

Finally, here are some Jellycat that are going away - get them before they're gone for good, as restocks are never guaranteed!

Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger

Sacha Snow Tiger is bounding across the ice to meet you! With a marvelous tiger tail, sweet whiskers and perfect paws, this Jellycat plush is a furry, fun snowball! With gray and ivory stripes, this stuffed tiger is a winter warm front. This terrific tiger is wonderfully weighted, and genuinely hugs you when you go in for a cuddle.

Jellycat Percy Penguin Jellycat Percy Penguin

Percy Penguin will waddle and toddle right into your arms! A squat little sweet thing, this fluffy gray baby still has its newborn feathers. With unbelievably adorable markings in charcoal and ivory, this Jellycat plush is a superior emperor! He's always stomping those soft suede feetsies. They help him balance on slippery ice!

Jellycat Rainbow Tails Book; The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post Jellycat Rainbow Tails Book

Curly, scaly, stripey, tufty - which tail is which? Wait a second! Even the book has a tail! Lots of tails! It's the Rainbow Tails Book by Jellycat. A rainbow of color, this fabulous fabric book is feely, noisy, and fully of happiness! The book can hang on a stroller or a bouncer, for tots to explore its crinkly, fuzzy pages.

Jellycat Snow Dragon; The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post Jellycat Snow Dragon

It's still winter! Lounging around like a fluffy cloud, it's the loveably lazy Snow Dragon by Jellycat! This Jellycat plush shimmers with magical dust, from its sparkly spine and ears to its wings and dart shaped tail. This stuffed animal dragon loves a snow day!

Want to see more? Visit our Jellycat collection page.

Bookmark this page, as we will be updating it regularly with new Jellycat friends, lucky last ones, and more best sellers. You're sure to find the perfect Jellycat at Beyond the Blackboard!

Bookmark this for Jellycat updates!

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