The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post;

The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post - Jellycat Stuffed Animals Late Winter 2023

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

January 23, 2023 4 min read

This page was updated on March 9, 2023. Bookmark this blog post and check back regularly for jubilant Jellycat updates!

Some of our Team BtB favorite plushies by far are Jellycat. Beyond the Blackboard friends and families agree that Jellycat stuffed animals are simply the best. From their incredible quality to their unmatched softness, there's really something about them.

Jellycat Care

According to Jellycat themselves, most Jellycat soft toys should not be machine washed. Jellycat recommends that their toys be gently spot cleaned with soap and rinsed with cool water. The fur can then be dried with a hair dryer on a low setting. Some Jellycat plush can be machine washed on cold, so check the label of your favorite Jellycat! 

Are All Jellycat Safe for Newborns?

While most Jellycat soft toys are suitable from birth, not all Jellycat are recommended for infants. A selection of Jellycat are suitable from 12 months (such as the Fuddlewuddle line), and Large size Jellycat should never be left in a crib! Always check the label of your Jellycat, or feel free to ask a friendly member of Team BtB. 

All that being said, it's time to chat about Jellycat at Beyond the Blackboard! New Jellycat, favorite Jellycat friends, and Jellycat stuffed animals not to be missed before they're gone.

At the beginning of the year, we order brand new Jellycat from their annual launch. Of course, springtime brings Jellycat bunnies (which you can personalize)! Team BtB always looks forward to summertime Jellycat shipments, and there are even seasonal Jellycat designs.

Here are a few of our newest favorites:


Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Pomegranate Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Pomegranate

Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Pomegranate is royally round, with a splendid crown! This Jellycat plush has marvelous maroon fur, a sweet cream face, and bumpy aril freckles. Textured and happy, this stuffed animal pomegranate makes a fabulous cooking companion. Display them on the counter for cozy, wintery vibes.

Jellycat Cozy Crew Seahorse Jellycat Cozy Crew Seahorse

Jellycat Cozy Crew Seahorse is ready to sail! Terrifically soft in strawberry ice cream fur, this Jellycat plush has a twisty, curly tail and furry flippers to dart around and cuddle with. Staying cozy out on the ocean is simple for this stuffed animal seahorse, with that trendy raspberry sweater!

Jellycat Andie Axolotl Jellycat Andie Axolotl 

Jellycat Andie Axolotl is a bright and bold creature who loves to swim in the water with those big blocky feet! In real life, axolotls come from Mexico and rock their rainbow colors in pink, green, and even indigo! From its fuzzy head to its squishy tail, Andie Axolotl is a fiesta of fun.

Jellycat Andie Axolotl is available in 15" medium and 7" small sizes!

Jellycat Winston Worm Jellycat Winston Worm

Look who popped in to say hello! It's wiggly Jellycat Winston Worm! With large, googly eyes, a sweet smile, a fluffy hairdo, and flaming hot fur, this Jellycat plush is an underground success! Perfectly coiled and excited to make new friends, this stuffed animal worm is an amazing gift for gardeners young and young at heart.

Here are some current Jellycat that are hot sellers this season!

Jellycat Syd Salamander Jellycat Syd Salamander

Splotchy and sweet, Jellycat Syd Salamander is bright, bold, and ready to scurry! With outrageous orange fur, spotted with inky blots, this Jellycat plush is ready to sun in the afternoon light. With a long, chubby tail, knobby toes, kind eyes, and a friendly grin, this stuffed animal amphibian is ready to rock!


Jellycat Quaxy Elephant Jellycat Quaxy Elephant

Jellycat Quaxy Elephant is super soft, in velvety gray ridges. This Jellycat plush sits patiently and waits to play! With looped, rumply ears, a standup trunk, and a cuddly tummy, this stuffed animal elephant can't wait to make amazing memories!

Jellycat Forestree Pine Jellycat Forestree Pine

A most effervescent evergreen! Forestree Pine is one cute conifer! With a chonky corduroy trunk, sweet root feet, and bitty branch arms, this Jellycat plush is effortlessly snuggly. But the icing on the cake is that stupendous swirl of fantastically fluffy green! 

Jellycat Cluny Cockerel Jellycat Cluny Cockerel

Proud and pudgy, Jellycat Cluny Cockerel is just like a plump pineapple! This Jellycat plush has a beautiful brown tum, mustard bib and wings, and sunshine suede claws. To say nothing of that that great red wattle and comb, beautiful scarlet eye mask, and evergreen tail! A fabulous fowl!

Finally, here are some Jellycat that are going away - get them before they're gone for good, as restocks are never guaranteed!

Jellycat Birdling Woodpecker Jellycat Birdling Woodpecker

Running up the trunk of your backyard tree, it's Jellycat Birdling Woodpecker! Knock knock! Who's there? Just Jellycat Birdling Woodpecker, hunting delicious bugs. Handsome and dapper in moss green and ivory, with a suave gray beak and coral topknot, this Jellycat plush loves to show off.

Jellycat Percy Penguin Jellycat Percy Penguin

Percy Penguin will waddle and toddle right into your arms! A squat little sweet thing, this fluffy gray baby still has its newborn feathers. With unbelievably adorable markings in charcoal and ivory, this Jellycat plush is a superior emperor! He's always stomping those soft suede feetsies. They help him balance on slippery ice!

Jellycat Flowerlette Pansy Jellycat Flowerlette Pansy

Let's grow! Flowerlette Pansy is so sweet, with incredible plum purple petals. With a sunny smile, a soft green bulb base, and lovely leaf arms, this Jellycat plush is here to give cuddles and lots of floral support!

Sienna Seahorse Jellycat Jellycat Sienna Seahorse

Cruising through the glittery water. Pretty in pastel, Sienna Seahorse is divinely dainty. Super soft in softserve pink, with a corduroy mane and matching fins, this Jellycat plush loves munching on the greenest seaweed. Would you care for a sweet bite?

Want to see more? Visit our Jellycat collection page.

Bookmark this page, as we will be updating it regularly with new Jellycat friends, lucky last ones, and more best sellers. You're sure to find the perfect Jellycat at Beyond the Blackboard!

Bookmark this for Jellycat updates!

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