The Ultimate Jellycat Blog Post - Jellycat Stuffed Animals Summer 2022

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
May 02, 2022 4 min read

This page was updated on July 10, 2022. Bookmark this blog post and check back regularly for jubilant Jellycat updates!

Some of our Team BtB favorite plushies by far are Jellycat. Beyond the Blackboard friends and families agree that Jellycat stuffed animals are simply the best. From their incredible quality to their unmatched softness, there's really something about them.

Jellycat Care

According to Jellycat themselves, most Jellycat soft toys should not be machine washed. Jellycat recommends that their toys be gently spot cleaned with soap and rinsed with cool water. The fur can then be dried with a hair dryer on a low setting. Some Jellycat plush can be machine washed on cold, so check the label of your favorite Jellycat! 

Are All Jellycat Safe for Newborns?

While most Jellycat soft toys are suitable from birth, not all Jellycat are recommended for infants. A selection of Jellycat are suitable from 12 months (such as the Fuddlewuddle line), and Large size Jellycat should never be left in a crib! Always check the label of your Jellycat, or feel free to ask a friendly member of Team BtB. 

All that being said, it's time to chat about Jellycat at Beyond the Blackboard! New Jellycat, favorite Jellycat friends, and Jellycat stuffed animals not to be missed before they're gone.

At the beginning of the year, we order brand new Jellycat from their annual launch. Of course, springtime brings Jellycat bunnies (which you can personalize)! Team BtB always looks forward to summertime Jellycat shipments, and there are even seasonal Jellycat designs.

Here are a few of our newest favorites:

Jellycat Silly Seedling Jellycat Silly Seedlings!

Cheery chums in a sweet, suedey pot. These perky plants have waggly leaves, squishy soil, and stitched expressions. Silly Seedlings are the perfect gift for friends who want to perk up their workspaces. Everyone needs a Jellycat bud!

Jellycat Tulip Bashful Bunny Bashful Bunnies - Pinks and Purples

These lovely plush bunnies have shy faces that bashfully blush. They're always ready to share in a secret, give cuddles, or sit quietly as you read to them. It's true that they're perennial favorites for kids Easter basket ideas, but we also love them as baby shower gifts or to mark any special occasion - especially in these new colorways! Our team will personalize your pink or purple Jellycat Bashful Bunny for just $10.00.

Jellycat Little Rooster Jellycat Little Rooster

Cock-a-doodle-doo? Little Rooster is practicing hard but can't manage more than a squeak! This oatmeal colored chick is too bitty to wake up the farm just yet, no matter how hard those wiggly wings are waggled! A barn themed cutie with a soft red comb and little gold feet.

 Jellycat Amuseable Avocado

Green and soft, our fruit friend has two-tone fur. We love that squashy, suedey stone and those jiggly corduroy legs! This avocado is always just right.

Here are some current Jellycat that are hot sellers this season!

Jellycat Fleury Gerbera Activity Toy Jellycat Fleury Gerbera Activity Toy

Big, bright and bobbly, with a dazzling crown of candy floss pink petals, this power flower will stand out in any nursery. The perfect combo of vibrant looks and squishy style. Jellycat activity toys sell out almost as fast as we can get them unpacked so order yours now!

Jellycat Flumpie Pig Jellycat Flumpie Pig

Flumpie Pig likes to stay up late reading Sandra Boynton books! A podgy little piggy, with a cute curly tail and suedey snout – whom you might find hiding under the blanket with a flashlight! Just offer to read aloud to them, cuddle up ... and do all the voices, please!

Jellycat Pandy Chimpanzee Jellycat Pandy Chimpanzee

Let the fun begin! Pandy Chimpanzee has lots of hugs in store, and mischievous pranks galore! Pandy has flopsy chocolate colored arms, graham cracker ears, and wears a glorious grin on that wonderful face.

Jellycat Little Kitten Jellycat Little Kitten

Little Kitten may be bitty, but this sweetie is strong! The lightest lavender-blue and wonderfully loveable, this silly scamp likes to hide in your pocket! With a long soft tail, Little Kitten is the cat's meow!

Finally, here are some Jellycat that are going away - get them before they're gone for good, as restocks are never guaranteed!

 Snugglet Boyd Dinosaur

Boyd Dinosaur is very gentle, with sweet spines and snuggly green fur. Perfectly podgy and bright-eyed, friendly Boyd soothes snarls and grumbles! A gorgeous addition to pretend play for toddlers, and one of our favorite dinosaur toys for kids.

Jellycat Little Owl Jellycat Little Owl

Little Owl is so fluffy, she flaps around like a cuddly cloud. This scruffy sweetheart makes a wonderful gift for any owl lover!

Jellycat Cushy Pony Jellycat Cushy Pony

Off for a trot in funky hot pink! Cushy Pony jumps for joy in a cheery cherry hue! Vivacious and vibrant, this pretend play toy is a riot of cuddly color.

Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Dome Famboise Jellycat Pretty Patisserie Dome Framboise

Jellycat's Pretty Patisserie Dome Framboise loves to make an entrance! The squishy pink sweetie is super-stretchy and sits on a golden pastry base.

Want to see more? Visit our Jellycat collection page.

Bookmark this page, as we will be updating it regularly with new Jellycat friends, lucky last ones, and more best sellers. You're sure to find the perfect Jellycat at Beyond the Blackboard!

Bookmark this for Jellycat updates!

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