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10 Must-Have Classroom Games; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Level Up Learning: 10 Must-Have Classroom Games That Inspire and Educate!

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

August 14, 2023 3 min read 2 Comments

Welcome, brilliant educators, to Beyond the Blackboard – your partner in transforming your classroom into a captivating realm of learning and laughter! Are you ready to sprinkle a dash of playfulness into your lesson plans and watch your students light up with enthusiasm? These 10 sensational learning games are here to whisk you away on an educational adventure like no other. Let's dive in!

Tiny Polka Dot math game for ages 3 to 8 Tiny Polka Dot Math Game

Step right up, math maestros! Tiny Polka Dot is more than just a game – it's a math-tastic extravaganza! With colorful cards that dance with numbers, this game twirls addition, subtraction, and multiplication into an enchanting activity that makes math unforgettable for ages 3 to 8.

eeBoo Outdoor Scavenger Hunt eeBoo Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Game

Nature-loving explorers, this one's for you! Break free from the four walls of your classroom and embark on an outdoor escapade with eeBoo's Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. Unleash curiosity, foster teamwork, and ignite imagination as your students ages 3+ hunt for treasures hidden in the great outdoors.

Mathswatters addition and subtraction game for preschoolers Mathswatters Addition and Subtraction Game

Watch math sparks fly as your students take on Mathswatters! Add and subtract your way to victory with this lively game that turns arithmetic into a riveting competition. Learning math facts has never been this electrifying for children ages 3 and up!

Spellominoes Word Game Spellominoes

Prepare to spell, connect, and strategize your way to word wizardry! Spellominoes takes the classic dominoes game and transforms it into an engaging word-building adventure. From beginners to word aficionados, this game is great practice for everyone ages 6+!

Peek a Zoo preschool puzzle game Peek-a-Zoo Preschool Puzzle Game

Let's embark on a puzzle safari, where young minds unravel the mysteries of Peek-a-Zoo! Delightful animals, vibrant puzzles, and boundless imagination await as your little learners ages 2 and up develop fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Four Score Sight Words card game Four Score Card Game: Sight Words

Calling all word detectives! Dive into a world of sight words and challenge your students to a riveting card game. Four Score enhances sight word recognition and fluency while keeping the competitive spirit alive and well for ages 6+.

Smart Sparks Brain Puzzles Grade 3 Smart Sparks Brain Puzzles: Grade 3

Give those neurons a workout with Smart Sparks Brain Puzzles! This Grade 3 treasure trove is packed with brain-teasing challenges that sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Ignite intellectual fireworks in your classroom!

Multi tabletop math game Multi Tabletop Math Game

Get ready for a math showdown that takes learning to the next level! Multi Tabletop Math Game is a versatile tool that transforms multiplication practice into an exciting quest for knowledge. Learning times tables has never been this exhilarating for ages 8+! Multi is currently SOLD OUT. Click the link or photo to sign up for a restock alert!

Adsumudi math game Adsumudi Math Game

Say hello to Adsumudi – the math magician's dream come true! Watch as your students immerse themselves in a world of numbers, operations, and strategy. This game adds a magical touch to mathematical learning for kids and grown-ups ages 9 and up.

Rhyming Bingo Rhyming Bingo

Give language arts a rhyming twist with the enchanting Rhyming Bingo! As words come to life through playful rhymes, students aged 4+ build phonemic awareness and vocabulary in a delightful bingo showdown.

There you have it, dear educators – our handpicked selection of whimsical learning games that promise to turn your classroom into a haven of laughter, exploration, and growth. Let the games begin and the joy of learning flourish like never before! Ready to transform your teaching journey? Dive into our collection and create unforgettable classroom moments today.


P.S. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, innovative games, and educational wonders to fuel your classroom adventures. Your journey to inspired teaching starts here, at Beyond the Blackboard!

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August 28, 2023

Hi Israela. Thanks for your comment. We do not typically ship internationally but we would be happy to create a shipping estimate for you so you can see what the cost would be. Please email us at playmatters@beyondtheblackboard.com so we can assist you. Thank you so much!

Israela Glass
Israela Glass

August 28, 2023

Hi there,
My name’s Israela Glass. I’m a language teacher and I was wondering if you ship to Israel.
I’m interested in purchasing Zingo (word builder). Thank you

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