Our Favorite Unicorn Themed Gifts for All Ages

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
August 12, 2021 2 min read

If your kids are anything like mine, they still love unicorns! For them, the best thing about a unicorn is the mystery! Then, we debate about whether unicorns could be real (the unicorn is Scotland's national animal, after all). Here are some wonderful ideas to get the gift giving started for a unicorn-loving child (or grown-up) of almost any age!

Top Trenz OMG Pop Fidgety Tie Dye Unicorn OMG Pop Fidgety - Tie Dye Unicorn

The fun bubble popping fidget toy that reduces stress and keeps hands busy!


Zoey Koko Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb

Our unicorn horn bath bomb gives off colorful swirls of pink, green and yellow while infusing the room with hints of raspberry and pineapple. Bonus: it's handmade right here in the U.S.A.

Unicorn Slide Show Projector Unicorn Slide Show

This retro-style mini projector has 3 discs and a total of 24 unicorn images to view! Or, use it without the discs as a great little flashlight!

Be One of a Kind Unicorn Poster Be One of a Kind! Unicorn Poster

The motivational message and whimsical design of this unicorn poster will bring a little magic to any space. Inspire U motivational posters are great for use in a school, church, workplace, dorm, senior living residence, or anywhere a little inspiration is needed!

Zoey Koko Unicorn Kisses Gift Set Unicorn Kisses Gift Set

Our Unicorn Kisses Gift Set will fulfill every child’s unicorn dreams. Loaded with skin, nail and body products that smell so good you want to eat them‚ seriously!

Unicorn Plus-Plus Tube Unicorn Plus-Plus Tube

This Mini Maker Tube includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces you need to build a unicorn. Or, use your imagination and create your own design!

Metallic Colored Pencils Unicorn Metallic Colored Pencils

For centuries an emblem of purity and grace, The unicorn dwells only in a secret, sacred place. So gather round and contemplate this fabulist's invention, While the beauty of its habitat commands your rapt attention!

Twelve metallic pencils add shimmer to artwork! The package features artwork by Kevin Hawkes.

Ravensburger Puzzle 200 Pieces Mystical Unicorns Ravensburger Mystical Unicorns 200 Piece Puzzle

With strategically chosen images and sturdy pieces designed to challenge puzzlers ages six and up, Ravensburger’s 200-piece puzzles are a great way to sneak some unplugged play into your child’s day.

Ooly Unicorn BFF Eraser Set Ooly Unicorn Eraser Set

This pair of pink and purple unicorns aren’t just any ordinary unicorns; they have the magical powers of erasing and the sweet scent of cotton candy! The Unicorn BFF Erasers are a set of 2 cute scented erasers that are waiting to be your BFFs, too. Unicorns that are BFFs? What more could you want?

Unicorns in the Sunset Glow 150 Piece Puzzle Ravensburger Ravensburger Unicorns in the Sunset Glow 150 Piece Puzzle

Puzzling is the perfect way to spend time together, build relationships and make memories that last a lifetime. Puzzling also develops fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, and concentration skills. Puzzles build confidence one piece at a time!

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