Great Pretenders Reversible Unicorn/Dragon Cape - Dress Up for Kids



This Reversible Unicorn Dragon Cape is the ultimate fantasy dress up cape!

  • A bright dragon on one side equipped with protective scales from the hood all the way down the back, and a soft fuzzy unicorn side with a faux fur mane and tail on the other side.

    Bold, bright colors of gorgeous aqua blue, lilac and pink, with shiny metallics and rainbow effects create the mystical aura of this role play costume.  

    • Size 5-6.
    • Machine washable.

  • Great Pretenders’ mission is to design and produce products that inspire families to engage in creative, imaginative and interactive play. Great Pretenders believes that “dress-up” is so much more than just putting on a costume. Through pretend play kids develop their imagination and creative thinking skills. Pretending develops communication skills and an outlet for expressing feelings and fears.