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Children naturally like to build things, and they have no idea all the skills they’re growing! Children love to build various kinds of structures. From stack-and-smash to ornate castles, their creations are only limited by their own imaginations!

The little ones begin with developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your child will progress to using problem solving, cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking as they explore properties if new materials, and the physics of weights and balances. They may begin by building towers out of blocks and progress to building complex structures and even imaginary structures.

Even if your kids aren't interested in building toys right now, we bet you can find something here that they will engage with. We select fun and challenging building toys. If your child is interested in architecture or sculpture, we have activities to grow that interest. Try different kinds of building toys and see what building areas your child is most interested in! Let your favorite kid stretch their imagination with construction sets.

These creative building toys are designed to power imagination. Many building toys are crafted from materials that will last for years and years! Also, you can add to building sets. As your child's interests and skills expand, so can their materials. You can't beat toys that grow with your kids!

Each of these activities appeals to many different kinds of children. Depending on how old your child is, they may play with building toys in a different way from their peers or children who are older or younger.

Building toys require a lot of imagination. That's why kids love building toys! Building toys help your child bring to life the ideas in their mind. Building toys can keep children busy for hours! Parents who work from home love to encourage this kind of independent play. Other grown-ups do, too! Our building toy age ranges go from infant to infinity!