At Beyond the Blackboard, we think cat and kitten plush are the cat's meow!

We offer a large selection of stuffed animal cats and kittens of many breeds, colors, and brands. From tiny Palm Pals to oversized Jellycat cats, our excellent selection of plush cats and kittens includes Folkmanis puppets and so many kitten stuffed animals! Our stuffed animal cats are available in your favorite cat breeds and fun, fantastical colors, too. We have gray tabby cats, soft white cats, cream colored kittens, weighted comfort cats, lanky black cats, and even avocado cats, strawberry Kittiroll, SPAM Kittiroll, and Dippin' Dots Kittiroll. If you have a favorite cat, chances are we have a plush cat for you.

Give us a call at 303-422-5151 if you need help finding a specific stuffed animal kitten. Or, just scroll down to see our current online collection of plush cats and kittens!

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