Our kids need to have stimulating things to work on while they are home for this unexpected break.  We have a collection of great workbooks and educational games to keep your child's skills sharp. We also have a collection of staycation kits which include puzzles, games, science kits and more - there is something for everyone. 

Joyful Mathematics Multi Tabletop Math Game $30.00
The Master Theorem Games Adsumudi Math Game $17.99
Eeboo Addition Flash Cards - Math Resources for Kids Sold Out
Daily Printing Practice Workbook $10.99
Daily Cursive Practice Workbook $10.99
It's GO Time! Card Game $9.99
Spell Checked Card Game $14.99
Possum Dice Game $11.99
Learning to Print Wipe-Off Book $4.99
I can Count 0-100 Wipe-Off Book $4.99
I Can Print Wipe-Off Book $4.99
Counting 0-31 Wipe-Off Book Sold Out
Thinking Skills Wipe-Off Book Sold Out
Early Learning Adventures Wipe-Off Book $4.99
Alphabet Fun Wipe-Off Book $4.99
School Skills Wipe-Off Book $4.99