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At Beyond the Blackboard, we curate toys made to be passed down from child to child, paired with the most in-demand, trendy toys season after season, year after year. Need an example? Here are just a few ... Our everyday favorites like Rubik's Cube are kind of a big deal, not only because they're timeless, but because they're on sale (read: crazy affordable). Add on some mini pencils in a pouch, or pair with our bestselling (and perfect for travel) Wikki Stix, which - if you haven't heard - we're known for giving in our goody bags. In a cool as ice clear variety, you'll even find Magna-Tiles on sale. And while we love rainbows as much as the next person, we know every so often (aka, when you've purchased every other Magna-Tile set) you might need to switch it up. Thankfully, as our sale collection of the best kids toys proves, sale books, games, puzzles, and toys can be every bit as cool as new, fresh finds. Is your older child more scientifically inclined? Our hand boilers and laser maze games are just a few of the toys you'll find, perfect for gifting for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or just-because-you-want-to-spoil-them. What do all of these toys have in common? Quality. We're so obsessed with stocking good quality, educational toys, that we take it upon ourselves to play with every. single. item. before we order it. That's why all our toys for kids and adults are unique, and look like they were picked out just for you. Engineering toys, art supplies, dolls, and sensory fidget toys: name the category and we've got a toy to fit it. So come on in and shop!