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The world needs builders of the future! It’s never too early to expose your child to the dreams of tomorrow’s solutions!  

Engineering of all types - Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Nuclear, Space – these all sound complicated! But not to a child. The earlier you expose these concepts, the more seamlessly they will embrace them as part of everyday life! Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are all integrated into the STEM education of this century. One way or another, your child will live and breathe this work in the future!

The toys children play with have an important role in shaping their futures. Grown-ups sometimes underestimate the role of toys in development. Toys build critical thinking skills. STEM toys help decision making and problem solving skills. They also give your child mental stimulation. Great engineering toys develop creativity and fine motor skills. Through trial and error, kids learn. With so many toys on the market it can be difficult to know how to buy toys for your kids. Beyond the Blackboard specializes in selecting engineering toys for kids of all ages! Early engineering toys are especially wonderful for toddlers. They lay the foundation for more complex engineering toys. We always make sure that the toddler engineering toys we stock are safe and designed for smaller children!

STEM skills are vital to growing creativity and problem solving in the minds of kids. Choosing toys that encourage these skills help develop curiosity about the way the world works. Children want to explore and examine their world. Selecting STEM toys now will help STEM fields in the future! Science will come alive through these activities and toys. Learn about important engineering concepts. Code robots and learn to program. These award winning toys are also fun! Win-win. Scroll down for our top engineering toys for children to learn STEM skills. Watch your child be creative and learn!