We all fidget – some of us more than others.  “Fidget toys” are a great tool to help you or your kids reduce anxiety and stress. 

Our collection of fidget toys can help strengthen the hand muscles in little ones, improve fine motor skills, improve dexterity and even help your kids regain their ability to focus and improve learning.

Teacher Created Resources Fidget Box: Sensory Fidget Tools $19.99
Teacher Created Resources Push and Pop Bubble Ten Frames $9.99
Toysmith Rainbow Glow Dough - Sensory Fidget Toy $6.99
Crazy Aaron's Sweet Surprise Hide Inside! Thinking Putty $15.99
Watchitude Golden Cloud Slugz - Sensory Fidget Toys $15.99
Watchitude Rainbow Slugz - Sensory Fidget Toys $15.99
Watchitude Assorted Color Mini Slugz - Sensory Fidget Toys $9.99
Crazy Aaron's Mixed by Me Hide Inside! Putty Kit $19.99
Crazy Aaron's Honey Hive Thinking Putty $14.99
Crazy Aaron's Hide Inside! Arcade Adventures Thinking Putty $15.99
Speks Oil Slick Supers - Sensory Fidget Toy $29.99
Speks Blots Green Splotch Stress Ball Sensory Fidget Toy $24.99
Iscream Glow in the Dark Pop Ball - Fidget Sensory Toys $7.99
Iscream Pop It Bunny - Sensory Fidget Toys Sold Out
Iscream Cotton Candy Pop Ball - Sensory Fidget Toys $7.99
Iscream Groovy Pop Ball - Sensory Fidget Toys $7.99