Feed your child’s natural curiosity for “How?” and “Why?” as they learn to: 

  • Use Mechanical Engineering ... to fly us to the moon
  • Explore Biometrics ... to cure blindness
  • Understand Physics… to travel to the bottom of the oceans
  • Expand Agriculture… to grow food for the future

Feed your child’s natural curiosity with hands-on science!  Foster their thinking skills so that they can go through the following steps: THINK. GUESS. TRY. RETHINK. That’s the essence of the Scientific Method, and it comes naturally to children!

Are you looking for science and nature gifts for kids? You've come to the right place! View our collection of science and nature toys and gifts for children below. We offer a wide selection of nature and science activities and sets. These toys challenge the minds of our kids. You can find so many nature themed toys here!

Children are curious about the world around them. Kids are interested in bugs, weather, plants, and even growing their own food. Educational toys can help to magnify your child's love for nature and science. Educational toys can teach them how methods and processes in nature and science work. Your great kid will learn so much about how our world works.

Interest in nature can help your child to look up from a screen and explore the great outdoors, even in your neighborhood or backyard. Young scientists will enjoy these hands-on selections. It is our hope that we also help you to foster environmentally aware children who will grow up into environmentally conscious grown-ups!

Explore science with models and kits. You'll find the best educational science and nature toys here at Beyond the Blackboard.

Recapture the magic of your own childhood with a “Wow!” when you watch your child create an explosion, a new substance (like slime), or create “magic” movement (with remote controls)!

Mega Cyborg Hand $44.99
Forensic Science Lab Sold Out
GraviTrax Pro Starter-Set Vertical $79.99
Mars Landing Survival Kit $34.99
Soccerbot - Remote Control Soccer Robot $59.99
Inflatable Solar System Sold Out
Gravitrax Starter Set Sold Out
Snap Circuit Bric Sold Out
Technic: Jeep Wrangler $54.99
KC3 Keypad Coding Robot $51.99
Zivko the Robot $54.99
Roller Coaster Engineering $49.99
Jabberbot Sold Out
Robotics: Smart Machines - HoverBots Sold Out
Ycoo Neo Program A Bot X Sold Out
Remote Control Machines: Animals Sold Out