Oprah approved! Warmies made the O list. Warmies are among Oprah's favorite things this year. Warmies are plush, perfect for cuddling with; heat-able for warmth and bedtime comfort; and filled with calming real French lavender and organic fill.

Kids and parents alike find Warmies irresistibly cute. It’s almost impossible to choose just one. Awarded by Baby Maternity Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, Mom's Choice Awards, Good Housekeeping and more, Warmies come in engaging designs, luxurious fabrics, and are filled with lavender farmed in Provence. Affordably priced, everything about Warmies is done with your family's comfort in mind.

Warmies are fully microwavable, French lavender and organic filled heat packs. With dozens of fully heatable stuffed animals and wellness gifts, Warmies sets the standard for comfort and wellness. It's no secret that Warmies are loved nationwide! We invite you to experience the comfort of Warmies and become part of the big comfy community.

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