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Bruder Volvo Wheel Loader L260H



This impressive wheel loader is the latest highlight in the world of construction vehicles at Bruder. The model of the Volvo L260H is equipped with a fully functional loading arm and an impressive, tiltable shovel.

  • Efficiency in transport and the conservation of resources are key requirements for modern construction machines. Hardly any wheel loaders combines these requirements as well as the new Volvo L260H. Thanks to the most modern engine, automatic and hydraulic combination, the fuel consumption is 10% lower than its predecessor. With a working weight of up to 35 tons, this loader is a real heavy worker for quarries and gravel works.

    • Ages 3+.

  • Children at play are at the heart of everything Bruder does. Playing is not an end in itself, it enables children to gain experience for their development in the adult world. Bruder products are developed as “model-like toys” to foster this premise. Model-like toys encourage role play while simulating real environments and creating an understanding of context by physically grasping the situation.