chime hearts


These fun, beautifully hand-painted chime hearts are a wonderful gift for everyone. Listen to their song as they are shaken together, or admire them from afar as the elegant decorations they are. This sensory gift is the perfect way to show those you love how special they are to you, and will be a treasured gift forever.

  • With a wide variety of colors and animals to choose from, these hand-painted and individual animal zoo chime hearts can be a great gift for friends or family. Older children, in particular, will love to collect them until they have all the animals in the collection, and as they get older will be able to enjoy and treasure these chimes for their beauty and creativity.

    Fun for kids, a zen, sensory escape for adults. These hand-painted chime hearts are an excellent gift for all and make a great addition to any home. Display them in a clear jar on your shelf, use them to decorate and protect your plants’ soil, or keep them close by so that you can rock them together and enjoy their light, soothing sound. These decorations can be placed throughout the home and be displayed in so many creative ways.

  • Features and Benefits:

    • Soft chime sound when you shake the heart.
    • Great as a little reminder that “you are loved”.
    • Ages 3+