Classroom Fidget Kit

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Feeling restless? Anxious? Fidgety? Well then this is the perfect kit for you to be able to focus you or your kiddos' minds in the classroom.

  • Our Classroom Fidget Kit includes:

    • Dimpl Keychain - The Dimpl Keychain helps with focus, stress relief, and is easy to hide away or take with you anywhere.
    • Gyrobi Fidget - Spin the rings in all different directions, one at a time or all at once for a relaxing sensation.
    • Tangles - Twist and turn the tangle to help with anxiety and stress relief.
    • Swingos - 3 rings that spin, rotate and provide fidgety comfort.
    • Stress Balls 3-Pack - This 3 pack of stress balls allows for 3 different levels of resistance.
    • Fidjigami - A 3D colorful snake-shaped puzzle that you will not be able to put down.
    • Pencil Pushers - Pencil Pushers bring life to your work and homework by bringing in color and something to fidget with when you get restless.

    * If we need to substitute an item, we promise you will love it!

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