Core Décor Linear Calendar Bulletin Board Set


A linear calendar is an effective early childhood tool that provides a concrete, meaningful way to help children understand and visualize the passage of time.

  • This continuous, linear calendar aids children’s ability to better understand the passage of time, which is often a difficult concept for young learners. Use this engaging, hands-on resource to introduce time, calendar concepts, vocabulary, keep children informed of upcoming events, count down and anticipate upcoming holidays and special days, and highlight daily weather. 

    • Great for PreK and Kindergarten students.

    This 184-piece Core Decor Linear Calendar Set Bulletin Board includes:

    •  4 calendar grid pieces (measures around 87”w x 6" when assembled)
    • 31 pre-numbered calendar days
    • 12 month headlines
    • 7 days-of-the-week labels
    • 3 "Yesterday was", "Today is", and "Tomorrow will be” labels
    • 5 subject labels (P.E., Music, Library, Tech, Art) and 6 blank labels
    • assorted pieces for weather and seasons
    • 48 labels for school events, holidays, and other school activities
    • 42 coordinating holiday and special day cards (24 school cards, 5 no school cards, 10 home cards, 5 early release cards)
    • an instructional guide with bulletin board ideas and classroom activities
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