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Squishable Corndog - Plush for All Ages

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National Corndog Day! It occurs on the first Saturday of every March.

  • Seriously, it's an actual thing. I know this because I did an internet search for "best holiday ever", found out about National Corn Dog Day, and now my life is wonderful forever!

    • Ages 3+.
    • Measures 7" by 7" by 21".

  • Chief Squishers Zoe and Aaron started Squishable in 2007 after deciding that plush was much more interesting than working in tech. The products were much cuter, the people were nicer, and folks didn't mind as much when you broke into uncontrollable giggles.

    Squishable is a technology company with a toy habit. They use their nontraditional backgrounds to make the best stuffed animals – food, animals, mythological creatures, and some that defy classification!