Djeco Do It Yourself Springtime Mobile - Art Kits for Kids



Create a large floral mobile featuring flowers, leaves, and metallic butterflies with this art kit for kids! A beautiful ornament for adding a floral touch to any room!

  • Children paint the flowers and leaves with the 8 vibrant colors. Once dry, they slide them onto the wire to create colorful garlands. All that’s left to do is fix the garlands to the pre-punched stand and decorate it with shiny butterflies. 

    • Ages 7+.
    • Includes: 1 illustrated cardboard stand, 8 pre-cut sheets of flowers and leaves to paint, 2 pre-cut sheets of metallic butterflies, 1 palette of paints (8 colors), 1 brush, 10m of nylon thread, 1 self-adhesive hook, 1 double-sided sheet of stickers, and instructions.

  • Djeco is driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, and making them want to continue discovering. Step-by-step booklets, little cards, decorative boxes, and hints guide children through activities, leading them to results that their family and friends will really love!