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Doinkit Darts



Spread the love of the game with this Doinkit Dart Set, the best magnetic dart game on the planet.

  • The dartboard is lightweight, incredibly durable, and with the power of N-35 Neodynium rare earth magnets, your dart will always fly true. This game is safe, great for kids aged 6 and up, and makes for the perfect go-to choice for family game night.

    Neodynium magnets are the bes. . . Show More >

  • When you pick up and play with one of Marky Sparky’s products, they want you to not want to put it down. Their goal is to create toys and sporting goods that can and will be played with for more than just a week or two. They should be robust enough and compelling enough to keep coming out of the closet whenever called upon. Most of all, in 20 years they want you to look back and remember them fondly and how they enriched your childhood.

  • Safety Warnings

    WARNING 1 - small parts