Dots: Monster Bracelets



Surprise a monster-loving child with this spookily fun LEGO® DOTS Monster Bracelets craft kit and start them off on an open-ended journey of design. Frightfully cool jewelry on display!

  • Kids can push their design skills as they decorate the bracelets, which feature 2 adjustable bands and 32 colorful tiles. Play starts right out of the bag! This kit is great on its own for quick, imaginative creativity. Kids can also use tiles from the LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS bags to expand their designs with cool new ideas. Any DIY or arts-and-crafts fan will love this customizable kit.

    Ages 6+.

    The durable bracelets and colorful decorated tiles will make a fun holiday gift or a little extra treat. Small, fun and totally portable. With the bracelets each measuring over 7 in" (20cm) long, there’s lots of space for kids to be creative.Open the bag and decorating the bracelet starts right away. Easy-to-follow inspiration on the packaging makes creating a snap – what will young designers come up with first? These cool LEGO® DOTS kits represent free creativity. The ready-to-decorate bracelets offer bite-sized opportunities to help build children’s imagination and confidence through fun.

  • Lego comes from the Danish work “leg godt” meaning Play Well. These simple, ageless building blocks help develop spatial reasoning skills. Each set comes with instructions for building specific designs, but when that is done you can bring to life fragments of your imagination and build whatever you can imagine! Lego is working hard to create more sustainable practices – in 2019, they actually created more solar energy than they used in the factory!