Epic Dragon Stretchy Fidget Toy by Toysmith


Amaze and wow them with an extremely stretchy dragon. Soft and super flexible, this dragon toy creates a satisfying sensory experience that's fun for almost all ages!

  • Featuring vibrant colors and a soft, floppy texture, the 10 inch Epic Dragon Stretchy offers a hands-on sensory experience filled with twisty, stretchy fun!

    Comes in one of three colors.

  • Our dragon sensory toy is a fantastic stress management tool. Grown-ups, adopt an Epic Dragon Stretchy or two for your calm down corner at home or in the classroom. Easter baskets and holiday stockings also make ideal temporary habitats for Dragon Stretchies. You can even round up a thunder of dragons for birthday party favors or as treasure box rewards - just don't leave Dragon Stretchies with treasure for too long!