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Gamewright Forbidden Jungle Board Game



Low on fuel, your rocket’s guidance system leads you to a mysterious, abandoned spaceport on a remote moon.

  • The spacecraft is completely overgrown by the jungle and is infested with a colony of spider-like aliens who don’t take kindly to their nest being invaded. It soon becomes clear why the port was abandoned as whole sections of the station begin dropping into sinkholes! Your only hope of esc. . . Show More >

  • Gamewright was founded in 1994 by four parents whose kids wanted great games. From the start, their mission has remained clear… to create the highest quality family games with outstanding play value. Guided by themes and experiences that transcend age and salted with a bit of irreverence, their games are designed to foster laughter, learning, friendship and fun.

  • Safety Warnings

    WARNING 1 - small parts