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Kawaii Slime Fuwa Fuwa Time Icee Cloud Slime

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This snuggly slime was inspired by the soft, comforting feelings you get from freshly laundered blankets! 

  • This cloud slime will melt your stress away and evoke the same warm fuzzy feelings you get while in the comfort of your own home.

    This slime is super airy and fluffy with a mesmerizing drizzly effect. Each slime is scented like the type of fabric softener everyone loves and also includes a moon charm, star charms and a cuddly bear.

    • Ages 4+.
    • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Not Edible!

  • Beginning back in 2017, Kawaii Slime believes the world of slime is fulfilling in numerous ways. Not only as a physical stress reliever and sensory fidget toy, but as an awesome way the younger generation can be exposed to the wholesome world of crafting arts.