Fat Brain Hey Clay Ocean Creatures - Art Kits for Kids


Jumpstart your young artist's new career with the fascinatingly fun Hey Clay Ocean Creatures art kit for kids!
  • The fun starts once you download the free app and gain full access using the code included in the box. Pick one of the six ocean creatures, the octopus, shark, eel, discus fish, clownfish, or stingray.  Then, grab the sculpting tools and follow along with the interactive 3D step by step instructions to masterfully mold it, one simple shape at a time.

    Become a professional clay artist! The vibrant clay is soft, lightweight, not sticky, nontoxic, and stain free. Perfect for young artists taking their first step into the magical world of clay creativity.

    • Ages 3+.
    • Includes: 15 cans of clay in a variety of colors and 2 sculpting tools.
    • Clay dries and hardens when left out for 24 hours.

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