I Got This!



Test your talent and your wits with I Got This, the ultimate family night game that will have everyone thrilled. Complete fun, interactive challenges, and fill out your scorecard. With an I Got This card and a Do Over Card there are so many fun ways to play and challenge your family.

  • This highly rated game is fun, fast, and a great choice to bring the whole family together.

    One of our bestsellers, I Got This! is a fun test for the whole family. Recommended for kids aged 8 and up, I Got This! can be played between two people, all the way up to twelve! The perfect family game night or the ideal game to bring out during parties or family get-togethers, I Got This is challenging, fun, and great to play again and again.

    This game challenges your skills and has you toss, balance, measure, guestimate, and more in order to successfully complete the challenge on your turn. The variety of challenges improves the motor skills, coordination, critical thinking skills and cooperative play of young children and can be tricky even for adults to play!

    I Got This combines the fun and challenge of many toys and games, and with 100 challenges, you’ll be able to play this game again and again and still enjoy a fun, fresh experience with your whole family. The deck contains 12 I Got This cards, 12 Do Over cards, a dice, 4 ping pong balls, a rubber ring, 4 buttons, and a 10-foot measuring tape all made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. This way you’ll be able to play again and again!

  • Features and Benefits:

    • Game of proving your skills through a variety of tricky challenges
    • Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, critical thinking skills, cooperative play
    • Match your confidence with competence through 9 rounds of ego-humbling challenges!
    • Players roll the die to choose different challenge cards
    • Check the box to choose how many points you think you can win for each challenge
    • Circle number if challenge is successfully completed - Add that number to your score at end of game
    • X-out number if challenge is failed - Can no longer use that number for the rest of the game
    • Play an "I Got This" card to double your potential points - Can only be used once
    • Play the "Do Over" card to try a challenge again - Can only be used once
    • Player with the most points at the end of the game wins
    • High quality materials for lasting durability, exceptional game-play experience