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Intermediate Language Kit


Make learning valuable and fun with our Intermediate Language Games Kit! 

Our Intermediate Language Games Kit includes:

  • Bananagrams - The fast and frantic word game enjoyed by millions
  • Quiddler - Easy to learn and fun for everyone! It's the short word game that attracts non-word game players and people who love word games
  • 100 Great Words Flashcards - 100 great, interesting, and crazy words to jazz up your vocabulary and daily conversations!
  • Code Stack - A fun race against your peers to guess words, fun for all ages and vocabulary ranges. 

We are here for you as a resource for quality educational and recreational items. Let's all get creative and continue learning opportunities!

  • This item was one of our first 350 items on our new site. We believe it is one of the top toys for kids this year! Each of these items has been carefully selected to ensure it is creative, innovative and long lasting.