Jellyfish Lamp by Fascinations - Lava Lamp


Ignite the senses with our beautiful Jellyfish lamp aquarium. Be soothed by the calming lights and the two realistic jellyfish features that sway gently to the sound of their own music. This museum quality luminary is perfect for helping promote mindfulness in the home or office and is a beautiful addition to anyone’s life.

Invite this Jellyfish Night Light into your home and enjoy all the benefits of a jelly fish tank and a mood lamp in one. You don’t need to clean, feed, or care for your little jellyfish as it’s entirely powered by 3 x AA batteries. You can enjoy the realistic sway in your home office or as a home decoration.

Bring your beautiful jellyfish to life day or night with the power of triple LED lights that can shift between three vibrant and eye-catching colors. This eye-catching feature is a true pleasure to have in your home.

Jellyfish are fascinating, graceful, and immortal creatures. Bring a jellyfish aquarium into your home and journey to the depths of your mind, all without harming a single animal!  

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