MindWare Jump Jump Joey - Games for Toddlers



This active play game will have toddlers jumping, marching, and performing other actions shown on cards they turn over as they search for the baby kangaroo card.

  • Adding to the fun of pretend play, little ones can put on the apron with pouch to play the role of mama kangaroo searching for her Joey. This game encourages active play as toddlers learn, laugh, and move!

    This game for toddlers encourages gross motor development, listening and following directions, imitating, pretend play, and vocabulary development.

    • Ages 2+.
    • Includes: 12 kangaroo pads, 1 wearable kangaroo apron with pouch, and instructions.

  • With a vision to make the world smarter through playful learning, how could we not love MindWare? Their brainy (and fun!) toys and games have won awards from Mensa Select, Good Housekeeping, Parents’ Choice, and Germany’s Spiel des Jahres.